The installation of the Windows operating system in Ocean Digital Droplet is not possible with conventional methods since an ISO installation cannot installed and there is no KVM with the virtual keyboard available (e.g., Ctrl + Alt + Delete, etc.).


I created individual templates that allow you to install Windows using DigitalOcean Recovery ISO. Your ISO recovery is available with all drops, but you must request it through a support ticket.

The following example will guide you through the process from start to finish. Once you have reached the end of the guide, your server will work correctly with the Microsoft Windows operating system.

Additional support is available through our community forums.

Tools you need


1. Connection: log in to your DigitalOcean control panel.

2. Create Droplet: once you have logged in, you must select “Create Droplet.”

3. Choose an image: Ubuntu 16 recommended, but you can select any operating system.

4. Select a size: the model will be installed correctly in all drop sizes. Depending on your workload, yourself may need a larger size due to the CPU and RAM requirements.

5. Select an area of

the data center: you can select any place where your drop resides.

6. Select a hostname: select the name of your drop here.

7. Create: after selecting the operating system, the size and location of your Droplet, you must select the “Create” option below.

As you may have discerned, there are additional options on the Create Drop page. Be sure to choose not to make a “backup” or “user data” because it interferes with the installation of Microsoft Windows and may not installed.

Without a doubt, you can enable “IPv6” and “private network,” both should work without problems when Microsoft Windows installed.

8. ISO recovery ticket and support: once your Droplet has successfully created, you must create a support ticket to guarantee the resumption of ISO DigitialOcean on your Droplet.

  • * Search special support creation page – Select “Support” at the top of the Ocean Digital Control Panel website.
  • * Support Tickets: Once you are in the DigitalOcean Support Center, you must select Support Tickets at the top right of the page.
  • * Create ticket: depending on the age of your account, you may need to select “Create ticket” (blue button) in the upper right corner of the web page of the Control Panel.
  • * Create a new support ticket: if you have reached the New support ticket page in the Digitial Ocean Control Panel, you will have to complete the page in a similar way to the following screenshot.

  • * Send a ticket – If you completed the ticket request help to meet the screenshot above, you must select “Send a ticket” (blue button) in the lower right corner of the page.

Depending on the time of day, the digital can support team may take several hours to respond to your request for help.

  • * Input response – The digital ocean support team can answer your ticket and note that the ISO recovery file has remained installed on your droplet.

9. Activate and deactivate the drop – Once the recovery of the ISO standard installed by you by your Digital ocean support team, you must turn off a drop, and then again using the web control panel.

  • * Select the option “Deactivate.”

  • * Select “Deactivate” – If you have selected “Off / On,” you will receive a warning message with good information. I recommend that you read the message so that you stay well informed for the future. If the complete message does read, continue selecting “Deactivate.”

It will take several minutes for the droplet to stop completely.

  • * Select ” Switch On .”

As it was, it takes a few minutes for your drop to light.

10. Access to the console of your Droplet – Digital ocean console provides access to all drops (which provides similar access to connect a monitor, keyboard, and mouse) used to install Microsoft Windows on the droplet.

  • * Opening the console – Select “console” on the top, right side of digital ocean web control panel for your droplet.

  • * A new browser window will open – Once you have selected “console,” as described above, a new window will open where the drop console located.

If your console window is almost identical to the previous one, it is necessary to respond to your request for help requesting assistance from the Digital Ocean support team to start your fall in ISO recovery.

11. Access to the interactive environment – Your recovery environment now has access to the network, which allows us to continue to download and install Microsoft Windows on the droplet. Select “6” on the keyboard to select option # 6 (“Interactive Shell [/ bin / bash]”) and select “Enter” on your keyboard to execute the command.

12. Microsoft Windows Installation: to start the Windows installation, you must enter the following command in the Droplet Console. Make sure the command matches correctly, otherwise your plant will probably fail.

  •  * You may reopen the drop console using the digital ocean web control panel since the console will automatically disconnect the drop after a period during which no mouse or keyboard input has occurred.
  • * Installation completed: the installation of Microsoft Windows on your droplet achieved when the Droplet console looks like the following screenshot. The critical part of the screenshot to verify is the blinking cursor to the right of the bash-4.2 # indicator. The command you used to install the model has stood completed.

In this case, the droplet console does not look like the following screenshot or contains error messages that you must rerun in step 13.

If after re-executing the command in step 13, your output is not similar to the following screenshot or contains error messages, please create a new topic in our community forums, following information on reminders.

  • * Droplet Deactivation – Once you have confirmed that the Microsoft Windows installation model means completed with the above information, you must turn off the Droplet with the digital ocean web control panel.

  • * Respond to your request for help to recover the ISO standard – If the drop has completely stopped, you must comply with the previous ISO recovery ticket by asking the digital ocean support team to remove the ISO recovery

Depending on the time of day, the digital can support team may take several hours to respond to your request for help.

* ISO recovery has been removed – If the digital ocean team eliminates the restoration of their ISO drops, the next step can take.

* Turn on your droplet: select “Enable” for your Droplet so your Droplet can start and start Microsoft Windows.

It takes a few minutes for your droplet to start in Microsoft Windows. Once Microsoft Windows starts, Microsoft Windows takes a few minutes to start up completely and can connect.

  • * Open the console Droplets – As described in step 10, you must open the console of your Droplet as the following actions must be carried out through the console of the droplet.

  • * Confirm that Microsoft Windows is running: once you have started the Droplet Console, you should see the Microsoft Windows Start screen or the Microsoft Windows login screen (it depends on the time it takes to start Microsoft Windows),

Depending on each version of Windows you have selected for installation on your Droplet, your console may not be perfect for the next screenshot, but it should be very similar.

* Connection to Microsoft Windows: once you have confirmed that your drop started in Microsoft Windows, you can log in to Microsoft Windows using the username and password stored in step 13 above.

Depending on this version of Windows installed on your droplet, you may find that the login form does hide the first time you open the Droplet console.

To see the registration form, you must do the following.

– Click on the console window of your droplet

– Click and hold the left mouse button

– Slide up the console window to show the connection boxes

* Successfully connected to Microsoft Windows: once you have entered the username and password and selected “Enter” on your keyboard, you must log incorrectly in Microsoft Windows on your Droplet.

* Manual configuration of your Droplet IP address: unfortunately, you must manually configure the IP addresses assigned in Microsoft Windows so that your Droplet can access the Internet. Microsoft Guide – https: // com / en-us / library / dd163570.aspx

You can find the public IP address, the subnet mask and the gateway of your droplet in the lower part of the droplet console window.

In addition to configuring the public IP address, the subnet mask, and the gateway, you must also set the DNS servers. We provide the following IP addresses of the DNS server. However, you can use any DNS server.

Preferred DNS server:

Alternative DNS server:

* Microsoft Windows Remote Desktop: If you manually configured the IP address of your droplet, you can connect directly to your droplet using Microsoft Remote Desktop.

If you are not familiar with Windows Remote Desktop, you should read Microsoft’s article about using the Windows Remote Desktop client.

Alternatively, you can use the Windows Remote Desktop Connection Manager, which you can download for free here.

* Congratulations! You have installed Microsoft Windows correctly in DigitalOcean Droplet and have accessed it through Microsoft Windows Remote Desktop! You must consider the following to avoid potential problems in the future.

1. Change the password for the “Administrator” account for instructions on how to change a password in the Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Datacenter Evaluation x64, click here.

2. Install all the latest updates for Microsoft Windows

3. Activate Microsoft Windows with its valid and legitimate license key

4. Expand your C partition: By default, if you install our Microsoft Windows model, only use ~ 15 GB of your hard drive. With Disk Management in Microsoft Windows, you can extend your C: partition to include your entire disk.

5. Install the missing Microsoft Windows drivers with SDI; you can download it here for free.


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